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Jennifer Hudye and Alex Moscow

Meet Jennifer Hudye and Alex Moscow

Jennifer Hudye: Jennifer is a speaker, teacher, and the founder & CEO of Conscious Copy & Co., & cofounder of The Vision Amplifier. She specializes in helping leaders clarify and communicate the vision and message they’re here to share.

She has helped thousands of people around the world connect to their higher vision and tap into universal laws to make their vision a reality, faster. Jennifer has spoken alongside leaders like Suzy Batiz, Lewis Howes, Gary Vee, and Rachel Hollis. Her clients have included household names like Strategic Coach, Sonia Choquette, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Bulletproof Coffee, JJ Virgin, and many others.

Alex Moscow:

With over 21,000 hours of experience helping thousands of coaches and high performers build their businesses—whether it’s from scratch or from six figures to multi-seven figures—Alex Moscow has cemented his place in the industry as one of the most trustworthy, congruent, and courageous business mentors out there.

Alex has been running transformational programs, events, and retreats for the past 10 years helping his clients build a life and business that fuels their mission and lifestyle by becoming the most congruent version of themselves

He has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine and has shared the stage with industry leaders like Suzanne Evans, Jeff Walker, David Bayer, and many others.

Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry, Alex is incredibly passionate about creating transformational experiences that combine powerful breakthrough technology, breathwork, visualization, and music to help leaders become the most congruent version of themselves.

The people who have worked with him report they become more confident in raising their prices, producing sold-out events, enjoying what they do improving their client results, and having more fun in life.

Jennifer Hudye and Alex Moscow
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The Vision Amplifier workshop is a journey inward to help you connect to your vision self. Your vision self is the version of you in the future who is living your highest potential in the areas of your relationships, health, business/career, and lifestyle.

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